Free Inspiration #8



These monsters looked hungry for some cereal, so I made them breakfast cereal mascots.


Free Inspiration #7

I decided to flex my photshop muscle with this week’s free image of the week. I couldn’t get over the firey red hair of the model.

I just just made it more dramatic by replacing her hair with actual fire. Enjoy!

Free Inspiration #6

This week’s free image from shutterstock is an alphabet of ransom letters. Here’s the only good ransom I can think of. Enjoy.

Free Inspiration #5

The free vector on shutterstock featured several pairs of glasses. Some of them are instantly recognizable from film and television. Can you guess who?

Free Inspiration #4

Introducing Face Magazine. Just kidding just a weekly dose of free inspiration. The free photo from shutterstock this week is a beautiful woman. When I saw that I immediately thought she belonged on a magazine cover.

Free Inspiration #3

Here is your Free Inspiration of the week. My company has been working on the yearly Amarillo Symphony program so it was hard to get music and notes out of my head. Hope you enjoy!

Free Inspiration #2

Last week I introduced Free Inspiration. A series on getting inspired by free stock photos of the week. Here is the latest free photo.

Free Inspiration

Anybody that knows me knows I love free stuff. Whatever it is I’ll take it. I might not know what to do with it, but believe me, I’ll find a use for it. This might lead to a hoarding problem if my wife didn’t say no to a few things.

Being a designer my company uses a stock photo website. Every week the website offers a free image or illustration. I thought about downloading each one every week and building up my own stock pile hoping I’ll need it for the future, but I don’t have the time to organize them all.

Feeling like all this free is going to waste, I’ve decided to use them as inspiration. I’ll use them to keep me fresh creatively. So, here is the free image.

Cherries. 2 Cherries. So much for getting the creative wheels turning. Gotta admit this isn’t something I would be drawn to. I think cherries are very retro. So I went retro grocery store. $0.35/lb. is wishful thinking.