Stage One Clinger

Thought of this yesterday, decided to illustrate it today. Enjoy.


Back to the Drawing Board

Well I’m back!

My unexplained absence can be explained by month-long break including a week’s vacation in the Caribbean. My wife and I booked a cruise in January. Two weeks before the cruise, I went into vacation mode and for two weeks after the cruise I was still in it. So, with this post, starts my efforts to get back into the swing of things.

Along with my creative, I am a (very) amatuer photographer. I packed my camera for my long-awaited trip and below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


ImageFrom our hotel room in New Orleans watching our ship come in.

The deck of our cruise ship

Grand Cayman Beach


ImageAuthentic Mexican Food

ImageAuthentic Mexican Horse


Sunrise on our last day.

Free Inspiration #7

I decided to flex my photshop muscle with this week’s free image of the week. I couldn’t get over the firey red hair of the model.

I just just made it more dramatic by replacing her hair with actual fire. Enjoy!

Amigos 3rd Annual Car Show T-shirt

I got the chance to design a shirt for the 3rd annual Amigo’s Car Show. A quick google search will show several shirts featuring flames, metallic letters and multi-colored cars. Thats not exactly my style and I tried to get away from that.

The challenge what to design the shirt using only one color. So I went retro and tried to rise above all of the auto show design chaos.


Free Inspiration #3

Here is your Free Inspiration of the week. My company has been working on the yearly Amarillo Symphony program so it was hard to get music and notes out of my head. Hope you enjoy!

Summer’s Here

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer! Every year Data Flow helps put together the Parks & Recreation Guide and Summer in the City. Summer in the city is a kid’s guide to events and activities in the City of Amarillo. We went with a “Wish you were here” postcard theme for this year’s guide. Check out some illustrations I did for the guide.

If you see one, grab one! They are free and full of things that will keep you child busy the entire summer.