Free Inspiration #8



These monsters looked hungry for some cereal, so I made them breakfast cereal mascots.


Stage One Clinger

Thought of this yesterday, decided to illustrate it today. Enjoy.

Guess What I Got?

I got nothing.

It happens every now and again. You feel it starting to take hold. You try to resist but once it sets in, it leaves you with nothing.

I started this blog not only to inspire others but to keep me creatively sharp. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and that can only mean one thing. I am suffering from creative block. Apparently there is no known cure. It’s one of those “ride-it-out” things.

ImageThis graphic illustrates how I deal with creative block. I start out with nothing and then I end up counting the days until it subsides or I am finally inspired again.

I haven’t posted a Free Inspiration in almost 3 months. Honestly, I haven’t been inspired by the free photos that Shutterstock has been giving away. It’s not their fault.

A trickle of creativity hit me last week with this free photo.


I felt it was unworthy of its own post, but it made me laugh.

Back to the Drawing Board

Well I’m back!

My unexplained absence can be explained by month-long break including a week’s vacation in the Caribbean. My wife and I booked a cruise in January. Two weeks before the cruise, I went into vacation mode and for two weeks after the cruise I was still in it. So, with this post, starts my efforts to get back into the swing of things.

Along with my creative, I am a (very) amatuer photographer. I packed my camera for my long-awaited trip and below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


ImageFrom our hotel room in New Orleans watching our ship come in.

The deck of our cruise ship

Grand Cayman Beach


ImageAuthentic Mexican Food

ImageAuthentic Mexican Horse


Sunrise on our last day.

Free Inspiration #7

I decided to flex my photshop muscle with this week’s free image of the week. I couldn’t get over the firey red hair of the model.

I just just made it more dramatic by replacing her hair with actual fire. Enjoy!

Free Inspiration #6

This week’s free image from shutterstock is an alphabet of ransom letters. Here’s the only good ransom I can think of. Enjoy.

Free Inspiration #5

The free vector on shutterstock featured several pairs of glasses. Some of them are instantly recognizable from film and television. Can you guess who?

License Plate Design Comes Full Circle

Ah, the original Texas license plate. So simple, so clear. Nobody would ever want to change it.

1969 – 1983

Fast forward to 1991. A Texas flag was added to the plates.


Let’s not stop there, lets put more pretty pictures.


Ok now its starting to get out of hand, in 2008, there was a contest where Texans could choose the look of the license plate. These were the choices.

Well as long as they dont choose the one with script font and a weird 90’s corner scribble.


Oh, God no.

I almost cried the day I had to put these on my car. I have heard these referred to as hideous, an abomination, and just plain ugly. While I keep my comments to myself, I’ll just let you decide whether you would pay the extra money not to put this on your car.


Thank you 2012! Texas has learned the error of its ways and has returned to a much simpler time. I am counting down the days when I can proudly put this on my car. I might even pay the $7.00 to get it earlier.

Moral of the story: Simpler design is always better design.