Stage One Clinger

Thought of this yesterday, decided to illustrate it today. Enjoy.


Guess What I Got?

I got nothing.

It happens every now and again. You feel it starting to take hold. You try to resist but once it sets in, it leaves you with nothing.

I started this blog not only to inspire others but to keep me creatively sharp. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and that can only mean one thing. I am suffering from creative block. Apparently there is no known cure. It’s one of those “ride-it-out” things.

ImageThis graphic illustrates how I deal with creative block. I start out with nothing and then I end up counting the days until it subsides or I am finally inspired again.

I haven’t posted a Free Inspiration in almost 3 months. Honestly, I haven’t been inspired by the free photos that Shutterstock has been giving away. It’s not their fault.

A trickle of creativity hit me last week with this free photo.


I felt it was unworthy of its own post, but it made me laugh.

Free Inspiration #6

This week’s free image from shutterstock is an alphabet of ransom letters. Here’s the only good ransom I can think of. Enjoy.

Amigos 3rd Annual Car Show T-shirt

I got the chance to design a shirt for the 3rd annual Amigo’s Car Show. A quick google search will show several shirts featuring flames, metallic letters and multi-colored cars. Thats not exactly my style and I tried to get away from that.

The challenge what to design the shirt using only one color. So I went retro and tried to rise above all of the auto show design chaos.


Free Inspiration #4

Introducing Face Magazine. Just kidding just a weekly dose of free inspiration. The free photo from shutterstock this week is a beautiful woman. When I saw that I immediately thought she belonged on a magazine cover.

Creative Freedom Found in Birthday Invitations

Summer is a big time for Children’s Parties. I’ve been busy creating birthday Invitations for a number of them.

Invitations are probably one of my favorite things to design. I am always surprised at how much creative freedom I get when it comes to designing invitations. Almost anything goes. Below are just a taste of my most recent work.

The boy’s invitation is centered around the fact that he loves Goldfish Crackers. The girl’s invitation is as girly as you can get without going overboard. Both designs worked great and the customers loved them.

If you have a Birthday party or any party coming up I would love to design your invitation. Please check out my contact page to get in touch with me.

Free Inspiration #2

Last week I introduced Free Inspiration. A series on getting inspired by free stock photos of the week. Here is the latest free photo.

Free Inspiration

Anybody that knows me knows I love free stuff. Whatever it is I’ll take it. I might not know what to do with it, but believe me, I’ll find a use for it. This might lead to a hoarding problem if my wife didn’t say no to a few things.

Being a designer my company uses a stock photo website. Every week the website offers a free image or illustration. I thought about downloading each one every week and building up my own stock pile hoping I’ll need it for the future, but I don’t have the time to organize them all.

Feeling like all this free is going to waste, I’ve decided to use them as inspiration. I’ll use them to keep me fresh creatively. So, here is the free image.

Cherries. 2 Cherries. So much for getting the creative wheels turning. Gotta admit this isn’t something I would be drawn to. I think cherries are very retro. So I went retro grocery store. $0.35/lb. is wishful thinking.